The Creep Tunnels
18th May 2024


These underground WW2 tunnels lie beneath the old Palace and Floral Pavilion in New Brighton, Merseyside with a  history stretching  over 200 years.

The tunnels were allegedly used by smugglers who were notorious in this area.

During WW2 the tunnels were converted into a munitions factory and also air raid shelters.

In more recent times the hidden tunnels were converted into a nightclub known  as ‘The Creep Inn’.

👻👻There are toilets on site👻👻
👻Strictly No Alcohol or drugs👻
👻👻No smoking or Vaping within the building, a designated site will be highlighted to those that require it.👻👻
👻👻Please wear warm clothing and sensible footwear 👻👻
👻👻This location has a number of stairs so may be unsuitable for those with walking or mobility issues.👻👻

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