Gwrych Castle
16th Nov 2024


21:00 – 02:00
👻👻June 2021. News papers, web pages and so on report a famous popstar hastily exiting the castle during a paranormal investigation, after allegedly being told to “Go Away!”
The amount of evidence that has been witnessed here has been absolutely phenomenal. Items have moved on their own, faces have been seen from behind the window panes, voices and noises from adjacent rooms when no one is there and a notorious lady dressed in red who will tell you to “Get Out!”
Another lady too, this time in white, said to be Countess Winifred Cochrane, the former owner. Who has been seen wandering the marble staircase, as well as a servant girl, more than happy to make herself known. She passed in the grounds of the castle, but why?
Built in the 1800’s as a royal residence in the style of a medieval castle, Gwrych Castle has had many uses until being left abandoned and decaying in the 1980’s
Will you have the nerve to stay for an entire investigation with Circle Of Friends Paranormal??👻👻

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